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Code of Conduct

Respect for Our Employees


Safety and Environment

We seek to provide a work environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the company’s success. We are committed to provide a work place free from all forms of discrimination and to provide all equal employment opportunities for all applicants.


We are committed in providing a safe and healthy work environment at all our facilities for all employees, clients, visitors, contractors and vendors. We seek to be environment friendly. It is our policy to comply with all laws and regulations, environmental, security and health applicable measures in the country.

Customers, Suppliers & Competitors


Conflict of Interest

In all our business dealings with suppliers, customers and competitors, we will:

  • Compete vigorously and with integrity.
  • Deal with suppliers, customers and competitors honestly, fairly and objectively.
  • Avoid any unfair or deceptive practice and always present our services and products in an honest and straightforward manner.
  • Never comment on a competitor’s products without a good basis or need for such statements.
  • Make clear to all suppliers that we expect them to compete fairly and dynamically. We will select our supplier’s strictly on merit.

Our conflicts of interest policy is straightforward: Do not compete with the company’s businesses, and never let your business dealings on behalf of any of our businesses be influenced, or appear to be influenced, by personal or family interests. All actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships must be handled honestly and ethically. Conflicts must be disclosed and resolved


Electronic Email, Internet and Intranet


The systems of electronic email, internet and intranet are solely to be used in conjunction with business requirements. It is not acceptable to receive or remit personal emails that do not relate to business. The Company safeguards all received and remitted emails using Company’s address. Your messages might be monitored, and you could be asked to declare their contents in cases of judicial investigation or any other inquiry.